Getting Started

  • Thank you for choosing Cebu Solar as you renewable energy design company.
  • We look forward to serving you with dependable reliable service.
  • This will start the process and allow us to gather the Information for the design and ordering in your name the specific components required for your new solar power system.
  • A minimum non-refundable deposit of 200 dollars USD is required for the design process, we will give you a estimated costing for your purchase from an accredited supplier in your location and have the materials delivered to your location.
  • To assist us in formulating your requirements please e-mail us the type of system, ie (grid-feed), (grid-connected),(off-grid), or (grid-feed battery-able).
  • The amount of your billing and the number of Kw’s consumed per month (averaged).
  • Roof mounted or ground mounted, carport or picnic area.
  • If possible a google earth screen-shot of the location and driving directions including landmarks, contact person, cell-phone number.
  • All components are warranted by the manufacturer’s and labour is covered for the installation by a 3rg party contractor for a period of 1 year.
  • Be sure to check out our solar power leasing page to see if solar leasing is within your budget.

Thank You,
The Cebu Solar Team

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