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This contract is a binding, unbreakable agreement between Cebu Solar Inc. and _____________

Located at Barangay ______________ , town of____________ on the island of____________ in the country of the Philippines, signed on this day____________________.

The estimated period of lease is _________ years, commencing on the date of turnover of functioning system, which is____________________. This agreement, however, is based on power consumption, not time.

Solar system installed will be ( ) Grid-feed ( )Grid-connected ( )Stand-alone ( ) Hybrid in-back

Payment Schedule

Depending on type of system installed an initial payment of ( ) 4 years ( ) 4.5 years ( ) 5 years of average power bill amount as computed on customers utility bills, less P2 per Kw, is required at signing. This is the payment for the initial power block contracted, which should last approximately the period indicated. This is the sole payment required, except as noted, until the contracted block of energy is consumed. If the estimated quantity of power is not yet consumed at the end of the estimate period, the period is extended until the power is used. If the block of power is consumed prior to the end of the indicated period, a new block of power must be purchased, as indicated below. The payment is based on customer usage of power, not time or amount of power produced by system.

After the initial period, a per Kw charge of p_________(identical to the initial estimated amount- p2 less than initial utility billing amount) is the basis of billing, never to increase. After initial block of energy is consumed a yearly payment will be required in advance for the Kw’s expected to be consumed that year, or a quarterly breakdown payment of the annual payment can be made with prior notice from customer and written approval from CSI.

Note: For Grid-feed or Hybrid-in-back an additional engineering fee of p5000 per Kw is required to facilitate ERC and DOE certificate of compliance due at time of start of installation.

Cebu Solar Responsibilities

1.Cebu Solar will provide all equipment, installation, etc. necessary for fully functioning system as described above.

2.Cebu Solar will keep the system maintained in good working order for the duration of the lease period, adjusting, repairing or replacing any malfunctioning components in a timely manner.


3.At the end of the lease/payment period (after the final required block of power is used) the equipment is turned over to the homeowner, in good functioning condition and with new batteries.

4.If the house is sold during lease period, lease can be transferred to new owner, with same terms continuing unabated, or customer can choose to have system transferred to new home, assuming feasibility, after notifying CSI and agreeing on transfer cost.

Customer Responsibilities

1.Customer is required to add said solar system to their existing building or property insurance policy, to protect from fire, theft, or man-made or natural disasters. Failure to do so puts the customer at risk as any damage or loss either man-made will result in the demand for repair costs or full payment of remainder of retail value of said solar system to Cebu Solar Inc. Retail value for insurances purposes is set at P_________________.

2.Customer agrees to make agreed payments in a timely fashion. After a 10 day grace period, late payments will be charged a 5%, per month, up to 3 months, at which point Cebu Solar has the option to remove equipment or require payment in full.

3.Customer is responsible for informing Cebu Solar of any malfunction of equipment immediately on discovery.

4.This contract allows Cebu Solar Inc. Officers and any employee’s unrestricted access, with prior notice, to service, monitor, or remove said solar system and any components, ie wiring, batteries , structures connected to said solar system in the case of required maintenance or non-payment of billing amount.

5.Should the need for servicing occur, customer is requested to call or text or email Cebu Solar Inc. contact info available on website

6.This contract is binding to all members of Family living or otherwise for the full period of contract.

This Contract shall be notarized and witnessed by the Barangay Captain.

Signed________________ Tommy L. Tirey Cebu Solar Inc.

Barangay Captain_______________ date_________

Customer sig._______________ ID #____________ date___________

Notary Seal notary sig._________ date__________book #____page #______

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